What to Wear Hiking Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular activities in this area, but it’s also one of the most challenging. It’s important to be prepared with appropriate clothing and gear that will help you stay safe and comfortable while hiking through this iconic natural wonder.

What to Wear Hiking Grand Canyon

Man trying to climb the cliffs of the canyon
A man trying to climb the cliffs of the canyon


Before you go on your hike, you want to make sure that you know what kind of weather and terrain to expect. If there’s going to be snow and ice on the trail, wear boots with good traction and gaiters over your pants so that any snow won’t get into them. If it’s a hot day, wear sunscreen (but don’t overdo it—you’ll sweat off most of it) and bring plenty of water.

Research the wildlife in the area as well. While Grand Canyon is known for being one of America’s most popular destinations for tourists, there are also many animals who call this place home year-round. You should definitely carry bear spray if you’re hiking anywhere near Bear Gulch or Muleshoe Ranch; while they may not be aggressive towards humans, they can be dangerous when provoked or surprised by hikers walking up behind them unexpectedly! Also keep an eye out for rattlesnakes while hiking on trails like Hermit Rest or South Kaibab Trail; these guys tend to hide under rocks and logs along their way through Grand Canyon Village so keep yours eyes peeled!

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Dress in layers

Wearing layers is a great way to keep you warm, cool and comfortable. The key to layering is finding the right combination of clothing that works for you. Some people swear by wearing long underwear, while others prefer a lightweight long-sleeved shirt under their hiking pants and jacket. You can also add or remove layers depending on your activity level:

  • Underwear (this should be lightweight)
  • Long underwear (for colder weather)
  • Fleece jacket (great for cool mornings or nights)
  • Waterproof shell jacket (for rainy days)

Wear the right shoes

When you are hiking the trails of Grand Canyon, you will want to make sure that your shoes have good grip. This makes it easier to climb over rocks and walk on sloped surfaces. You also want to wear shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for the type of terrain you will be hiking. If there is snow or mud in certain areas, then waterproof boots may be necessary. Wearing tennis shoes is also a good idea if you plan on doing any climbing because this can give you better traction when walking up steep hillsides or rocky slopes.

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Wear sunglasses

The sun can be harsh in the Grand Canyon, so it’s best to wear sunglasses. The glare off the canyon walls can be blinding, and you’ll want to protect yourself from that. Also, a good pair of sunglasses will help reduce eye fatigue as you drive down there and back—and don’t forget that they’re an essential part of every outfit!

If you’re on a budget (and some people are), we recommend buying polarized lenses instead of spending more money on fancy brands or designer shades. They’ll give you better UV protection than regular sunglasses do, plus they look just as good if not better than more expensive pairs. Just don’t forget that glass is fragile! The last thing anyone wants is their face broken by a piece of rock while hiking through this incredible place.

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Take a first aid kit and a map

  • First aid kit. It’s a good idea to take a first aid kit on any hiking trip, but it’s especially important in the Grand Canyon where injuries can be more severe and harder to treat. You’ll want to carry at least the following items:
  • Gauze
  • Bandages (assorted sizes)
  • Tape, including duct tape for blisters or other wounds
  • Map. A map will help you navigate the trail and find your way back if you get lost or separated from your group. The NPS publishes free maps that are available at visitor centers throughout the park, as well as online here. There are also apps available for iPhone/Android devices which provide trail information, points of interest along trails, driving directions between destinations within the park boundaries and more!

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Hiking the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon is an incredible experience but it’s important to be prepared. The following are some things you’ll want to consider before heading out on your hike:

  • Wear the right shoes
  • Take a first aid kit and other necessities for emergencies
  • Bring a map and know how to use it if you get lost or separated from others in your group (and keep it waterproofed!)
  • Bring appropriate clothing for all four seasons of weather in the canyon (it can get hot in summer, cold during winter months)


If you are interested in hiking the Grand Canyon, there are a few things to consider before you go. You should do your research on what type of trail is right for you, as well as any possible dangers that might be lurking in the area. I recommend taking a first aid kit with you and wearing shoes that have good traction because some sections can be very slippery. It’s also important to wear sunglasses because they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

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