What Shoes to Wear Hiking the Narrows

If you’ve ever been hiking the Narrows in Zion, you know that it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The steep cliffs and rushing river provide an amazing backdrop for an even more amazing hike. But if you’re going to do this hike, there are a few things you should know about what shoes to wear. First off: hiking boots aren’t necessary! It’s important to wear the right shoes so that you don’t slip and fall over some rocks in the middle of your trek through this gorgeous canyon.

What Shoes to Wear Hiking the Narrows

Worn-In Shoes

The best shoes for hiking the Narrows are ones that are comfortable, broken in, and not new. New shoes will likely cause blisters on your feet while hiking. Choose a pair of shoes that have been broken in, preferably waterproof—especially if you’re going to be hiking during the summer months. Finally, choose a pair of hiking boots with good traction! The Narrows gets extremely slippery when wet so it’s important to have a boot that has decent grip on rocks and dirt surfaces.

Quick-Drying Shoes

Quick-drying shoes are an essential part of your hiking wardrobe. Hiking through the Narrows is a wet experience, and water can seep into your shoes and cause blisters. Even if you don’t plan on getting wet, it’s likely that you’ll be in the water at some point during your hike. It’s best to have quick-drying footwear so that when it does happen, you can get out of them quickly and dry off quickly as well.

Quick-Drying Shoes
Example of a Quick-Drying Shoes. Image credit: SOBASO Shoe Store

Quick-drying shoes also keep your feet warm since they don’t hold onto cold temperatures as long as thicker materials like leather do. If you’re worried about wearing boots while hiking through the Narrows because they’ll slow down how fast you move along the trail or make it harder for you to climb up rocks (which is especially important when going up the last part before exiting), then consider investing in a pair of quick-dry sneakers instead; this way you won’t have any trouble moving around freely without having any issues with traction whatsoever!

Grippy Shoes

When hiking the Narrows, you’ll be walking on slippery rocks and gravel. To protect yourself from injury, make sure you have shoes with good traction. If your shoes slip or slide on the rock face, it can cause you to fall and sprain an ankle.

The best way to avoid slipping is by having a shoe that has a good grip when walking on wet surfaces like the ones found at Zion National Park. A good grip allows your foot to stay secure on slippery rocks while providing protection against twisting your ankle as well as preventing cuts from falling rocks and stones due to improper footing.

It’s important to wear the right shoes so that you don’t slip and fall

Wearing comfortable, broken-in shoes is important if you want to feel like you’re walking on air. If your shoes aren’t comfortable, then it’s likely that the hike will be more of a chore than an adventure.

If it’s raining or there’s even a slight chance of rain during your hike, waterproof shoes are key. Not only are they waterproof but they also have good traction which means less chance of slipping and falling while hiking down narrow trails with steep dropoffs and slippery rocks that could lead to serious injury or worse.


We hope this article has helped you find the best shoes for hiking The Narrows. It’s important to remember that this is a very slippery area, and if you don’t have the right shoes on then you could slip and fall.

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