Scenic Places To Visit In Alaska

Alaska boasts numerous scenic places to visit, including the glaciers of glacier bay national park and the wilderness of denali national park. Located in the northwest region of north america, alaska is known for its natural beauty and vast territory.

It is the largest state in the us and home to an array of awe-inspiring landscapes. From glaciers and fjords to mountains and national parks, alaska has something for every adventure seeker. One of the best places to experience the state’s wild beauty is in glacier bay national park, where visitors can take a boat tour to see awe-inspiring glaciers up close.

Denali national park is another must-visit destination, offering an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in alaska’s vast wilderness. Other scenic spots include the kenai fjords, wrangell-st. Elias national park, and the northern lights.

Scenic Places To Visit In Alaska



Description Of Anchorage As A Gateway To Alaska

Anchorage, the largest city in alaska, is popularly known as the “gateway to alaska. ” nestled between the chugach mountains and the sea, it offers a perfect blend of metropolitan amenities and rugged wilderness. With its unique location, anchorage serves as a starting point for many tourists who come to alaska.

Has excellent public transportation, a variety of accommodation options, and plenty of tour operators, making it an ideal launchpad for those looking to explore alaska.

Top Attractions In Anchorage

Anchorage has a vibrant arts and culture scene with an array of museums, galleries, and theaters. Visitors can experience local culture at the anchorage museum, which houses over 25,000 artifacts, art, and photographs depicting local history. For outdoor enthusiasts, anchorage offers several parks and green spaces, including the coastal trail, kincaid park, and chugach state park, where you can hike, bike, ski, and snowshoe, depending on the season.

If you wish to see wildlife, visit the alaska zoo, where you can see native animals, such as moose, bears, and caribou.

Best Time To Visit Anchorage

The best time to visit anchorage is from mid-may to mid-september when the temperatures are relatively warm, and outdoor activities are plenty. During this time, the days are long, with around 19 hours of daylight, allowing visitors to explore the city and its surroundings fully.

Additionally, the city hosts several events and festivals during the summer months, such as the anchorage folk festival and the alaska state fair. If you want to see the northern lights, the best time to visit is during the winter months when the nights are longer, and there is less daylight.

Recommended Itinerary For Exploring Anchorage

Day 1:

  • Start the day exploring the anchorage museum and the alaska native heritage center to learn about the history and culture of the region.
  • Afterward, head to the tony knowles coastal trail, a scenic 11-mile trail that offers spectacular views of the ocean, mountains, and downtown anchorage.
  • In the late afternoon, visit the alaska zoo to see native wildlife.

Day 2:

  • Take a guided tour of chugach state park and hike through stunning scenery such as the portage glacier and eklutna lake.
  • Alternatively, you can head to the alyeska resort for skiing, snowboarding or hiking, depending on the season.

Day 3:

  • Take a day trip to the picturesque town of seward, located about 120 miles south of anchorage, on the kenai peninsula. Here you can visit the popular alaska sealife center, or embark on a cruise to see scenic glaciers and wildlife.

Anchorage is a beautiful and unique city that offers something for everyone. Whether you explore the city on foot or venture further into the wilderness, anchorage is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Denali National Park

Denali national park is a must-visit place for anyone travelling to alaska. It’s one of the top highlights of the state and is best known for its towering peak, denali, which is the highest mountain in north america. The park is also home to an array of wildlife and its scenic beauty is simply breathtaking.

If you’re planning a trip to denali national park, here is everything you need to know.

Overview Of Denali National Park

Denali national park covers an area of 6 million acres, making it one of the largest national parks in the united states. The park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including grizzly bears, moose, wolves, and caribou. It’s also famous for its towering peak, denali, which stands at an impressive 20,310 feet.

The landscape of the park includes tundra, glaciers, and mountains, providing visitors with stunning views at every turn.

Best Time To Visit Denali National Park

The best time to visit denali national park is during the summer months, from mid-june to mid-september. During this time, the park experiences mild temperatures, with average highs in the mid-60s. The days are long, with up to 22 hours of daylight, providing visitors with ample time to explore the park.

It’s important to note that the weather in alaska can be unpredictable, so it’s best to come prepared with warm clothing and rain gear.

Activities To Do In Denali National Park

Denali national park offers visitors an array of activities to enjoy.

  • Wildlife viewing: Denali national park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including grizzly bears, moose, wolves, and caribou. Visitors can take a guided wildlife tour to see these magnificent animals up close.
  • Hiking: The park has over 6 million acres of wilderness to explore, with numerous trails for hikers of all levels. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll or challenge themselves with a more strenuous hike.
  • Scenic drives: Denali national park has a 92-mile road through the park, providing visitors with stunning views of the landscape and wildlife. Visitors can drive themselves or take a guided tour.
  • Glacier viewing: The park is home to numerous glaciers, and visitors can take a guided hike or helicopter tour to see these natural wonders.

Recommended Itineraries For Exploring Denali National Park

For visitors who want to make the most of their time in denali national park, here are two recommended itineraries:

  • One-day itinerary: Start with a guided wildlife tour to see bears, moose, and caribou up close. Follow this with a hike to savage river and a scenic drive along the park road for stunning views of the landscape and wildlife.
  • Three-day itinerary: Day 1 – hike mount healy overlook trail for stunning views of denali. Day 2 – take a guided hike to see glaciers and enjoy a scenic drive along the park road. Day 3 – take a guided wildlife tour to see bears, moose, and caribou up close.

Denali national park is truly a gem of alaska and a must-visit for any nature lover. With its stunning scenery, abundance of wildlife, and outdoor activities, it’s no wonder why it’s a top destination for travelers. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in denali national park!


Alaska, the beauty of the last frontier, has some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. From scenic cruises to camping, and hiking to kayaking, there are activities to suit everyone’s taste. Among the top places to visit in alaska, juneau is a must-visit destination.

Here’s what juneau has to offer to adventure lovers and travelers alike.

Description Of Juneau’S Charm And Beauty

Juneau, the capital city of alaska, is nestled between mount juneau, mount roberts, and gastineau chanel. Awe-inspiring glaciers, abundant wildlife, and jaw-dropping landscapes make juneau one of the most picturesque cities in the world. The city’s rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and unparalleled outdoor activities make it an ideal destination for adventure lovers and culture seekers alike.

Top Attractions In Juneau

  • Mendenhall glacier: A spectacular 13-mile-long glacier, mendenhall glacier is one of the most popular attractions in juneau. Visitors can hike to the face of the glacier through the mendenhall glacier trails or take a scenic helicopter tour to enjoy a bird’s eye view.
  • Glacier bay national park: Located 65 miles northwest of juneau, the glacier bay national park is a unesco world heritage site, home to 16 active glaciers, crystalline fjords, and diverse wildlife. Visitors can take boat tours or arrange for kayak and camping trips.
  • Mount roberts tramway: The mount roberts tramway is a thrilling cable car ride that takes visitors to the mount roberts summit. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of juneau city, gastineau chanel, and the surrounding mountains.

Best Time To Visit Juneau

The best time to visit juneau is from may to september when the weather is mild, and the days are longer. Is famous for its summer season when visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and festivals. The winter season in juneau is harsh, with long periods of darkness and heavy snowfall.

Recommended Itineraries For Exploring Juneau

  • Glacier & wildlife cruise: Take an unforgettable glacier and wildlife cruise from juneau to enjoy panoramic views of stunning landscapes and spot some of alaska’s iconic wildlife.
  • Juneau city & mendenhall glacier tour: Explore the historical landmarks and cultural attractions of juneau city, followed by a trip to mendenhall glacier and the surrounding trails.
  • Whale watching & marine adventure: Join a whale watching tour to catch a glimpse of alaska’s majestic humpback whales and other fantastic marine wildlife while kayaking, fishing or hiking.

Juneau’s charm and beauty, combined with its adventurous activities, make it the perfect destination for those who crave the ultimate alaska experience. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts and culture seekers alike, juneau is a bucket-list destination that should not be missed.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Scenic places to visit in alaska – kenai fjords national park

When it comes to scenic places in the united states, one of the most underrated regions is alaska. The rugged terrain and untouched wilderness give visitors a chance to experience the natural world in its purest form. One of the most popular places to visit in alaska is the kenai fjords national park, which boasts stunning natural beauty that must be experienced.

Here’s a guide on what to expect when visiting this gem of a park.

Overview Of Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai fjords national park is located on the kenai peninsula in southcentral alaska. It was established in 1980 and covers an area of 669,984 acres. The park features abundant glaciers, icefields, rugged coastline, and a variety of marine life. The park also has several historic sites that trace over 1,000 years of human presence, from early native americans to russian explorers and alaskan pioneers.

Best Time To Visit Kenai Fjords National Park

The best time to visit kenai fjords national park is in the summer months from june to august when the weather is pleasant and the days are long. During this time of year, the park is accessible by boat and foot, and visitors can explore the park’s numerous fjords and glaciers.

However, keep in mind that summer is peak season, and the park can be crowded, so make sure to plan ahead and book your tours and accommodations in advance.

Activities To Do In Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai fjords national park offers a wide range of activities for visitors, from wildlife watching to kayaking and hiking.

  • Wildlife watching – kenai fjords is known for its diverse marine life, such as humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, and otters. Take a wildlife cruise or a kayaking tour to get up close and personal with these creatures.
  • Glacier viewing – the park has over 40 glaciers, some of which can be viewed from nearby trails or by boat. Take a glacier cruise to see the massive ice formations up close.
  • Hiking – the park has several hiking trails that range from easy to difficult. The most popular hike is the harding icefield trail, which offers panoramic views of the icefield.
  • Fishing – kenai fjords is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. The park has several streams and rivers that are home to various species of salmon and trout.

Recommended Itineraries For Exploring Kenai Fjords National Park

Here are some recommended itineraries for exploring kenai fjords national park:

  • One-day itinerary: Take a full-day wildlife and glacier cruise to see the park’s diverse marine life and stunning glaciers. The cruise includes a stop at one of the park’s largest glaciers, where you can experience calving, the process by which glaciers break apart and fall into the sea.
  • Two-day itinerary: Spend the first day on a wildlife and glacier cruise. On the second day, take a hike on the harding icefield trail to experience breathtaking views of the icefield and surrounding mountains.
  • Three-day itinerary: Spend the first day on a wildlife and glacier cruise. On the second day, take a kayaking tour to explore the fjords and see marine life up close. On the third day, take a guided fishing tour to catch some fish and experience alaska’s outdoor beauty.

Kenai fjords national park is a must-visit destination for any nature lover. The park’s stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and range of activities make it a perfect place to explore and experience the best of alaska.

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

Overview Of Wrangell St. Elias National Park

Wrangell st. Elias national park is the largest national park in the united states, covering over 13. 2 million acres in southern alaska. The park is home to four mountain ranges, the largest of which is the wrangell mountains, with mt.

Blackburn being the highest peak. The park’s varied landscape consists of glaciers, ice fields, tundras, and forests, making it a unique destination for nature lovers, adventurers, and anyone seeking a break from city life. With its sweeping views and diverse geography, wrangell st.

Elias national park is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring alaska.

Best Time To Visit Wrangell St. Elias National Park

The best time to visit wrangell st. Elias national park is between late may and early september when the weather is warm enough for outdoor activities. The park is typically busy during the months of july and august, so if you want to avoid the crowds, it’s best to visit in may, june, or september.

During the winter, many of the park’s roads and facilities are closed due to snow, but the park remains accessible for winter sports enthusiasts who enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Overall, the best time to visit the park depends on the kind of activities you want to do and your personal preferences.

Activities To Do In Wrangell St. Elias National Park

  • Glacier hiking: One of the most popular activities in the park is hiking on glaciers. Guided tours are available and will take you over the park’s expansive glaciers, showcasing the natural beauty of the area while teaching you about the park’s geology.
  • Flightseeing: For a bird’s eye view of the park, take a flightseeing tour. You will witness the vastness of the park’s glacier system and mountain ranges.
  • Backpacking: Backpack through the park’s backcountry, enjoying the solitude and beauty. With many backcountry campsites, you can set up camp in an area that suits your interests, whether that be near a glacier or a scenic mountain range.
  • Photography: The park provides many photo opportunities, both for wildlife and landscapes. With the option to hike or drive to unique locations, you can capture photos of unique settings such as abandoned mining camps.

Recommended Itineraries For Exploring Wrangell St. Elias National Park

  • Three days: On the first day, drive along the mccarthy road to the historic kennecott mill town and explore the old mining district. On the second day, take a guided hike on the root glacier and experience the natural wonder of the park. On the third day, take a scenic flightseeing tour to see the park from above.
  • Five days: On the first and second days, follow the aforementioned itinerary. On the third and fourth days, backpacking enthusiasts can spend these days revisiting their favorite places or trekking deeper into the park’s wilderness. On the fifth day, drive to the nabesna road before departing the park.

Overall, wrangell st. Elias national park is a stunning destination for those who love the outdoors. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, or just experiencing the natural beauty of new places, this national park offers something for everyone. So why not take the time to explore one of the world’s most beautiful regions?

Frequently Asked Questions On Scenic Places To Visit In Alaska

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Alaska?

Alaska is full of amazing scenic places to visit, but some of the best include denali national park, glacier bay national park, kenai fjords national park, and kodiak island.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska?

The best time to visit alaska is from mid-june to mid-september, when visitors can enjoy the state’s long daylight hours and mild temperatures. However, if you’re looking to see the northern lights, plan to visit in the fall or winter.

What Kind Of Wildlife Can Be Seen In Alaska?

A visit to alaska offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife, including moose, bears, wolves, eagles, and whales. Keep your eyes peeled, as you never know what you might spot.

What Activities Can Be Enjoyed In Alaska?

Alaska is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. You can kayak or hike in the national parks, fish for salmon, take a flightseeing tour of a glacier, or even dog sled across the tundra.

What Is The Weather Like In Alaska?

Alaska’s weather can vary greatly depending on where you are and the time of year. Generally, the summers are mild with temperatures around 60 to 70 degrees fahrenheit, while the winters can be very cold with temperatures well below freezing.


Alaska is a place of rare beauty that perfectly blends natural wonders and outdoor adventure. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable vacation destination, then alaska should be at the top of your list. Throughout our tour, we’ve showcased some of the most scenic places to visit in alaska.

From the awe-inspiring denali national park and preserve to the splendid glaciers at kenai fjords national park and the charming seaside town of homer, alaska’s natural beauty is unmatched. The state boasts a rich history, incredible wildlife encounters, and a vibrant cultural scene that makes it the perfect destination for all types of travelers.

Whether you’re exploring the wilderness, or simply enjoying the views, alaska is a destination that will leave you in awe. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the wonders of alaska that are waiting for you.