Top Tips for Winter Camping

Winter Camping

If you’re thinking of going camping this winter, there are a few things you need to take into account to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some top tips for winter camping. Tips for staying warm while winter camping Hot tent for winter camping If you want to stay warm … Read more

How to choose the best camping tent – Secret Revealed

best camping tent

Camping tents are essential pieces of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. They provide shelter from the elements and allow us to enjoy nature without being disturbed by noisy neighbors or traffic noise. In addition, they come in various shapes, sizes and designs. How should I pick the perfect one for my next trip? The modern camping … Read more

What Kind of Socks to Wear With Hiking Boots

man traveling in autumn forest

When it comes to hiking socks, you want something that will keep your feet dry and comfortable. That’s why the best socks for hiking boots are made from wool or synthetic materials like acrylic, merino, or polypropylene. These fabrics are lightweight and breathable—they wick moisture away from your skin so you don’t get sweaty and … Read more

Best Month to Trek Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is a seasonal mountain. This means that the weather conditions change throughout the year, and therefore it’s not always possible to climb it at will. In this article we’ll discuss which month is best suited for your hike. Best Month to Trek Kilimanjaro Kili is a seasonal mountain As such, it is subject to … Read more

Best Month to Trek in Nepal

Backpacker on deogyusan mountains in winter

Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world and there are many reasons to visit here. The best month to trek in Nepal depends on your location, season, weather conditions, type of trekking route you want to take and budget. Let’s explore together! Best Month to Trek in Nepal January January is the coldest … Read more

What to Wear Hiking in Utah in June

zion national park, utah

Hiking is a great way to experience the outdoors, and Utah is a great place to hike. There are many beautiful trails and destinations that you can visit. Hiking boots, pants and jackets are all important items when it comes to preparing for your trip but there are many other items that should be considered … Read more