Best Tents for Camping With Dogs – Top 10 Pets Friendly Tents

Are you looking for a tent that will provide shelter from the elements and allow you to bring along your dogs? If so, then these 10 camping tents might be exactly what you’re after. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs and preferences.

Camping with pets is a great way to spend time together, especially during the summer months. There are several things to consider before heading out into nature, however, such as where to camp, what kind of tent to purchase, and whether or not your dog will enjoy being outdoors.

Also, camping with pets is a fun and relaxing experience, but it does require some preparation beforehand. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable place to stay since there are plenty of options available.

Check out our list of the 10 best tents for camping with dogs here, and read on for full details.

Top 3 Dog-Friendly Camping Tents

Tent Looks
Best Budget
Crua Tri - 3 Person Insulated Tent, Waterproof and Windproof Tent with Warmth & Cooling Insulation Built-in for the 4 Seasons and added Extendable Porch
Best Dog Friendly
NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Tent for Family Camping | 17x8 ft Camping Tent with 2 Rooms, 2 Doors, 100% Waterproof Dome & Breathable Mesh | Outdoor Tent | 2500 mm Warm & Cold Weather Family Tent
Best For Multiple Dogs
Dome Tent Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms and Screen Porch, blue
Crua Outdoors Tri
NTK Arizona GT
Ozark Trail 10-Person
Best Budget
Tent Looks
Crua Tri - 3 Person Insulated Tent, Waterproof and Windproof Tent with Warmth & Cooling Insulation Built-in for the 4 Seasons and added Extendable Porch
Crua Outdoors Tri
Where to get
Best Dog Friendly
Tent Looks
NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Tent for Family Camping | 17x8 ft Camping Tent with 2 Rooms, 2 Doors, 100% Waterproof Dome & Breathable Mesh | Outdoor Tent | 2500 mm Warm & Cold Weather Family Tent
NTK Arizona GT
Where to get
Best For Multiple Dogs
Tent Looks
Dome Tent Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms and Screen Porch, blue
Ozark Trail 10-Person
Where to get

A Quick Comparison of the Best Dog Friendly Camping Tents

4.3 out of 5
Crua Outdoors Tri
Crua Outdoors Tri
4.6 out of 5
NTK Arizona GT
NTK Arizona GT
4.5 out of 5
Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent
Coleman Elite WeatherMaster
4.6 out of 5
Eureka! Copper Canyon LX, 3 Season Camping Tent
Eureka! Copper Canyon LX
4.5 out of 5
Big Agnes Dog House
Big Agnes Dog House
4.3 out of 5
Ozark Trail 10-Person
Ozark Trail 10-Person
4.6 out of 5
Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room
Coleman Dome Tent
4.4 out of 5
Wenzel Klondike 8 Person
Wenzel Klondike 8 Person
4.6 out of 5
Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch
Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch
4.1 out of 5
Coleman Juniper Lake
Coleman Juniper Lake

Best Tents for Camping With Dogs

1. Best Overall: Crua Outdoors Tri Insulated Camping Tent

If you looking for a camping tent that offers excellent ventilation and insulation then this is the one for you! The Crua Outdoors Tri is a premium quality insulated tent that can handle anything nature throws at it.

The Crua Outdoors Tri is a sturdy, multi purpose tent that is built to last. This tent is very comfortable and spacious. You can easily fit three people comfortably inside the tent.

It is easy to pitch and take down. It comes with aluminum poles which makes it easier to erect and dismantle. You can easily access the interior of the tent without having to step out of the tent.

This tent is designed to provide a great night’s rest. It has a window design that allows ample air flow throughout the tent.

The Crua Tri is an luxury camping tent that is suitable for every outdoor adventure. This tent is made from durable 80D Polycotton fabric. It features a waterproof coating on its fabric surface.

The tent has a mesh window that helps in ventilation. It also has a door that opens upwards. The tent is easy to set up and takes less than 10 minutes to put together.

2. Best Dogs Friendly: NTK Arizona GT Waterproof Camping Tent

The NTK Arizona GT tent made of high quality materials ensures that you get years of use out of it. It is very light weight and easy to assemble. It is perfect for families or couples looking for a comfortable outdoor retreat.

The double layer rain fly prevents any moisture from entering the tent. It protects you from getting wet when there is heavy rainfall.

With its large windows, you will have plenty of natural light and fresh air during the day. You can sit under the sun and enjoy reading a book or just relaxing.

Designed with large D-style doors, you can open them wide to let in lots of fresh air. There are also two small windows at the top of the door for extra ventilation.

This tent is suitable for most weather conditions. It is highly recommended for people living in cold regions. It’s fully breathable so you don’t need to worry about condensation forming inside the tent.

The floor is made of a waterproof material that keeps you dry and protects your feet from mud and dirt.

The tent comes with a carrying case for convenience. It is lightweight and easy to pack away.

Features an heavy duty seamless polyethylene floor that provides excellent durability and strength. The tent is fire resistant and meets the CPAI-84 standard.

It includes a security zipper that secures the tent against theft and vandalism.

A carry bag is included so you can easily transport this tent anywhere.

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3. Perfect For 2 Adult Dogs: Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Camping Tent

How do you spend your summers? Is it relaxing in the sun, or are you out exploring new places? With WeatherMaster camping tent, you can enjoy together with your dogs! This 6-person tent is made with weather-resistant materials and has a built-in illumination system for overhead lighting. You can also install a 9 x 6 ft. screen room to create an enclosed area for sleeping and relaxing.

With its spacious interior, you and your loved ones will have plenty of room to spread out. Plus, the WeatherTec system and rainfly keep the interior dry and comfortable so that everyone can enjoy their time inside.

You’ll feel right at home when you set up this 6-person camping tent that’s made with polyester taffeta 75D. It comes with built-in illumination so that you can see where you’re going in the dark. The LED system offers three brightness settings for overhead interior light. But what really sets it apart is its WeatherMaster feature that makes sure that you have a pleasant stay no matter how hot it is outside or how windy it gets inside!

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4. Best For Car Camping: Eureka! Copper Canyon LX, 3 Season Camping Tent

If you’re looking to have a tent for camping with your dogs that allows you to move around freely, then the Eureka! Copper Canyon is perfect for you.

Eureka! Copper Canyon family camping tent is one among the best tents for camping. This tent is perfect for those who want to camp in style.

It is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety for the whole family.

The tent has been designed to meet the needs of modern families. It’s got all the necessary features like an internal storage space, a separate room for kids, and even a built-in lantern.

This tent is spacious enough to fit up to 8 people comfortably. The tent is also equipped with large mesh windows which allows you to enjoy the beautiful view outside.

The tent is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 31 lbs. making it easier to carry around.

The tent comes with everything you need to pitch it right away. You just need to put some stakes and you’re good to go.

The tent is designed to be extremely strong and durable. It is highly recommended for outdoor activities like hiking or camping.

The tent is equipped with a rain fly which protects against heavy rains. The durable fabric makes this tent last longer. It will keep you safe during rainy days or harsh windy conditions.

You can easily assemble this tent within minutes. All you have to do is unfold the tent and then attach the poles.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay while camping, this is the best tent for camping.

5. Big Agnes Dog House Camping Tent

The Dog House camping tent from Big Agnes is designed for comfort and safety. It has been tested by thousands of campers who love using this tent. This tent is ideal for families as well as groups of friends.

If you are planning to go camping with your dog, then you should consider the Dog House camping tent. It will provide enough space for both you and your pet.

It’s a roomy single-wall tent that is perfect for camping trips. It features a large back window that allows plenty of ventilation.

Made with durable materials, it is water-resistant and offers good insulation. You can fold it into its own compact size when not in use.

The tent is very spacious and comfortable. It’s also easy to pitch and setup. You can use it for multiple purposes too. For instance, you can use it as a playhouse for your pets.

The tent door is easy to open and close. It requires only one hand to open and close. This tent comes with a storage bag. It makes packing and unpacking easier.

It’s easy to pitch and take down, the tent weighs about 7 pounds. It fits a square gear loft.

6. Ideal For Multiple Dogs: Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Tent

Ozark Trail family camping tent is one of the best tents for camping with kids and dogs. The tent is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for your entire family.

It is constructed using polyethylene materials, and it’s lightweight. The tent is equipped with a large window so that you can enjoy fresh air while sleeping.

It also has an e-port for convenience and ease of use. The tent has a spacious interior that allows you to sleep comfortably.

It is very easy to set up and pack away. You will find this tent suitable for both short and long term trips.

Features a interior loop for hanging your lantern. Color coded poles and pole sleeves make setup easy. A clip-in gear loft stores your smaller belongings and has a loop at its bottom where you can hang a lantern.

An attached mud mat helps to protect your tent floor from dirt and debris. This tent is ideal for families who love spending time outdoors.

The tent has two separate entryways so that everyone can have their own privacy. There is also a separate room for the children.

The tent is spacious enough to accommodate 8 adults comfortably. It also has a large window that lets you enjoy natural light inside.

The tent comes fully assembled and ready to go. All you need to do is attach the stakes and stake it down. Ozark Trail family camping tent is one of the top rated tents for camping with dogs. This tent is perfect for those who want to camp in style.

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7. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room is made of polyester taffeta 75 D fabric. It has welded corners and inverted seams which make it waterproof. This tent can set up quickly and easily. Its rain fly provides additional weather protection. It also includes a bug free lounge area which is big enough to accommodate two queen size air beds.

It offers a spacious interior space for you and your family to relax.

The welded corners and inverted seam construction makes this tent durable. It is backed by a one year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The Dome tent comes with a carry bag for convenient storage.

This tent has been designed specifically for those who love spending time outside. It features an easy set up process, making it ideal for anyone who wants to go on a weekend trip with their dog. This tent comes with a large storage space which makes it easy to store all your belongings inside.

8. Ideal For Adult Dogs: Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent

The Wenzel Klondike tent is made of high quality materials and built to last. It is suitable for family camping or group camping. You can use it for multiple occasions such as for overnight stays, weekend getaways, and even for vacations.

Designed for comfort, this tent provides ample space for all members of the family. It has an interior area of approximately 98 square feet.

There are two separate rooms inside the tent. One room is used for sleeping while the other room is used for cooking and eating. Also, the screen room can be used for your dogs.

The tent is designed to withstand heavy rains and strong winds. It is equipped with a double layer waterproofing system. This helps to ensure that the tent remains dry and free from moisture.

A mesh screen on the outside keeps mosquitoes away. It has sturdy poles and a reinforced floor.

The tent is easy to set up and pack away. It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble.

The Wenzel Klondike is a sturdy, multi-use tent that is built to last. The tent is made of durable material that will stand the test of time. It is lightweight and compact.

9. Pets Friendly: Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Camping Tent

The dome tent features a weatherproof fly that keeps the interior dry and comfortable. The fly attaches to the tent body using a simple snap button.

It’s made with durable polyester canvas that resists tearing or fading. A special water repellent treatment helps prevent mildew growth while keeping the tent clean.

The WeatherTec System uses a unique combination of fabrics and materials to help protect you from the elements.

The tent includes a rainfly that protects the interior from heavy rains and snow. It’s constructed with a steel pole frame covered by a durable polyester shell.

And the extra ventilation provided by the extended window awnings lets you enjoy fresh air even when the sun goes down.

The tent measures 10 x 9 ft., so it will accommodate two queen-size air beds. A quick and simple set-up with color-coded poles makes this tent ideal for beginners. The tent features a convenient door flap that opens to reveal a spacious interior. Also the screen room you can used it for your dogs.

10. Ideal For 2 Dogs: Coleman Juniper Lake Instant Camping Tent

For the ultimate camping experience, nothing beats a 4-person dome tent. Coleman has built this Juniper Lake model to withstand the elements and set up in just 60 seconds with pre-attached poles.

The tent features an internal annex that’s great for keeping pets warm or cool. This area includes a removable dog bed and a storage shelf.

Its also features WeatherTec System, which protects the tent from the elements. This includes a rain fly and awning that keeps the tent interior dry and comfortable.

The polyester material is treated with UV inhibitors to resist fading. With its lightweight construction, the tent packs down small enough to fit into any backpack.

The tent is engineered to be a stronger, wind-responsive frame with new poles and guy-out points. A zipper cuff made of weatherproof fabric adds protection from the environment to the door.

Inside the tent, inverted seams strengthen the floor and eliminate needle holes. Welding-inspired technology strengthens all the seams and eliminates needle holes.

This Coleman 4-person dome tents packs all the features that you are looking home. It is durable enough to withstand the elements, and it comes with a convenient stash pocket to keep small essentials safe and out of sight.

Consider These Things Before Having a Tent for Camping with Dogs

When buying a tent for camping with dogs, there are certain things you should consider before making your purchase.

Size Matters

If you want to buy a tent for camping with your pet, then you must first decide on what size tent you require. If you plan to take your dog along, then you should choose a bigger tent.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a tent for camping with pets is weight. Make sure that the tent you choose is not too heavy or bulky.

Weather Resistance

You should always check if the tent you intend to buy is resistant against rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Storage Space

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a tent for camping with animals is storage space. Ensure that the tent you choose has adequate storage space for keeping your supplies and equipment safe.

Guide For Camping with Your Dog

Camping with Dog

Be prepared

Make sure that you have everything you need before going camping with your dog. This includes food, water, bedding, toys, etc.

Bring extra supplies

Bring enough food and water for your dog. Also, make sure that you have plenty of clean drinking water available.

Keep your dog calm

If you’re planning to go camping with your dog, make sure that you don’t let him/her run around or play rough. It will not only disturb the other campers but also scare them off.

Make noise

If you want to attract attention from other campers, make sure that you create loud noises such as barking or singing.

Stay hydrated

You should drink lots of water while camping with your dog. If you’re worried about getting dehydrated, you can always carry a bottle of water with you.

Don’t leave your dog alone

You should always keep an eye on your dog when you’re gone. Even if you think that he/she is safe, there could still be dangers lurking around.

Avoid bad weather

Camping with dogs is fun, but it can also pose risks. Bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds can damage your tent and injure your dog.

Take precautions

Camping with dogs requires special care and caution. Always wear protective gear such as gloves, boots, and helmets.

Have fun

When you’re camping with your dog, you’ll surely enjoy spending time together. So why not make the most of this opportunity by having some fun activities like playing fetch or tug-of-war.

Clean up after your dog

After camping with your dog, it’s important to clean up any messes left behind. This way, you won’t risk spreading disease and parasites.

Know the rules

Before heading out to camp with your pet, make sure that you know the local laws regarding animals. Some states prohibit certain types of camping with dogs.

Leave no trace

While camping with your dog, try to minimize your impact on the environment. For example, don’t throw trash into the woods. Instead, take it home with you.

Use common sense

Don’t forget to exercise common sense when camping with your dog. For instance, don’t bring your dog along if you plan to visit a dangerous area.

Consider your dog’s age

Your dog’s age may affect how much space you give him/her in the tent. Young puppies require more room than older ones.

Choose the right size tent

The size of your tent depends on the number of people who will be staying inside. Smaller tents are ideal for solo trips. Larger tents are better suited for groups.

Check the weight limit

The weight limit of your tent depends on its type. A lightweight tent usually has a maximum capacity of 150 pounds. Heavyweight tents can hold up to 300 pounds.

Test the floor

Tents come with different kinds of floors. Some are made of canvas, others are carpeted. Before setting up your tent, test the floor to ensure that it’s sturdy.

Set up the tent properly

Make sure that you set up your tent correctly before going camping with your dog. You should follow these steps:

  • Find a flat surface
  • Measure the length and width of the tent
  • Place stakes at both ends
  • Tie ropes to the stakes

Make sure that everything fits

If you have doubts about whether your tent will fit your dog, you should check the dimensions of your dog first. Then, measure the tent to see if it will fit.

Cover the ground

Cover the ground with a tarp so that your dog doesn’t get wet. Also, cover the entrance of the tent with a flap.

Keep the tent away from fire hazards

Keep your tent away from fire hazards such as trees and bushes. If you need to use a stove, place it far enough away from the tent.

Don’t leave food unattended

Always keep your dog’s food secure. Otherwise, he/she might eat something poisonous.

Car Camping

Cars are great for camping because they provide plenty of storage space. They also allow you to sleep comfortably while driving. You can car camp anywhere, but here are some tips to help you choose an appropriate spot:

  • Choose a safe route
  • Avoid traveling through areas where there is heavy traffic. Also, avoid roads with sharp curves.
  • Pick a good parking spot
  • Look for a well-lit area with ample space between cars. Avoid parking near busy intersections.


Backpacking lets you enjoy nature without leaving civilization behind. It allows you to explore remote places and experience new things. Here are some tips to consider when backpacking with your dog:

Prepare yourself

Before heading out, make sure that you’re prepared. Bring extra water, snacks, sunscreen, and other essentials.

Pack light

You don’t want to carry too many items with you when running. Pack only what you absolutely need.

Plan ahead

Before packing anything, think about what you’ll need during your trip. This way, you won’t end up forgetting important items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of tent is good for camping with dogs?

A tent that is made of polyester material is recommended because it is waterproof and strong. Some of them include Crua Outdoors Tri, NTK Arizona GT, Coleman Elite WeatherMaster, Big Agnes Dog House and Ozark Trail 10-Person.

Q: How much does a tent cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of tent you choose. However, most tents range between $100-$500.

Q. How big should a tent be for camping with dogs?

The size of the tent depends on how many people you intend to take along. For example, if you plan to take only one person, then a small tent would suffice. On the other hand, if you plan to bring along several people, then you should opt for a larger tent.

Q: What are the benefits of camping with dogs?

Camping with dogs can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your pet. Dogs have an innate ability to connect with humans, which makes them great companions while camping. They are able to keep you comfortable during cold temperatures, provide security when it’s dark out, and help relieve boredom. Not to mention, they’re also good at hunting down critters in the wild.

One important thing to remember is that dogs must be licensed and vaccinated before going on any outdoor trip. Also, make sure that your dog is properly hydrated; water should be available at all times when camping with dogs. And lastly, pack enough food for both of you so that neither of you goes hungry or thirsty. You’ll definitely have a memorable time bonding with your furry friend while exploring new surroundings together.

Camping with dogs can also be an educational experience for them as they learn new things about the wilderness. Additionally, it is a fun way for you and your canine companion to spend quality time together while getting exercise.

Some of the greatest benefits of camping with dogs include increased physical activity, socialization, training/reinforcement (when done properly), stress relief, improved communication skills, better sleep patterns due to less noise pollution outside campgrounds at night, and strengthened bonds between humans and animals.

Q. Can dogs sleep in tents when camping?

Yes, they do! In fact, some people even prefer to camp with their dogs than without them. But, there is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the individual dog and their particular camping style. Some dogs may prefer to sleep inside the tent while others might be more comfortable sleeping outside. Ultimately, it’s important to experiment a little bit and see what works best for your pet.

Q. Can you fit a dog in a 2 person tent?

No. A tent designed for two persons cannot be used by more than two people. While it’s possible to fit a dog in a 2 person tent, the shelter will be cramped and you’ll both be very uncomfortable. A better option would be to purchase an adult-sized tent that is designed specifically for dogs or cats. Pets are usually much happier when they’re outside with their family members rather than cooped up inside a small space.

Q. Can dogs go backpacking?

Pets are not allowed on most backpacking trails, but there are a few exceptions. If you have a pet that is kept in sight at all times and under your control, then they may be able to go hiking with you. Pets must also be leashed when outside of the owner’s direct line of sight and should never harass wildlife or disturb other hikers.

If you’re looking for an animal-friendly backpacking trip, some popular options include The Great Blue Heron Trail in North Carolina and Cape Hatteras National Seashore’s Frying Pan Wilderness Area which allows pets on leash only during daylight hours. Always check with the responsible land management agency before leaving town to make sure that any route you plan on taking is accessible to animals and safe for them (both physically and emotionally).

Once again, it is important to always keep your furry friend close by while out camping or hiking so that everyone can enjoy their experience safely AND happily!

Q. Is camping stressful for dogs?

Yes, camping can be stressful for dogs if they’re not prepared for the experience. Camping with a dog can involve leaving them alone in an unfamiliar environment, which could lead to anxiety or distress. It’s important to take your dog along on all of your adventures so that he or she gets used to being away from home and during camp trips especially, you should make sure that they are always supervised.

Camping can also produce bad odor smells that dogs may find overwhelming and distressing. When packing up camp-related items like tents and sleeping bags, it is important to seal them tightly so as not let any smells escape. And when travelling through town during the day while their owner is working outdoors, make sure to keep your dog confined indoors at all times – no matter how big his smile might look!

Q. Can dogs sleep in car overnight camping?

Yes! You can use an air mattress instead of sleeping in a tent.

Q. How do you keep a dog warm in a tent?

When camping with dogs, ensure that you provide them with blankets and coats. Also make sure that you keep them dry at all times.

Q. How cold is too cold for dog camping?

It’s never too cold for camping with dogs. However, you should avoid taking your dog out during winter months.

Q. What is the difference between a pop up tent and a dome tent?

Pop up tents are easier to set up and pack away compared to dome tents. They are usually cheaper than dome tents.

Final thoughts

All the tents in the list are tried-and-tested by our team. They have all been used extensively for years and they also come with enough safety features that keep your pup safe too. So, if you think you’re ready to explore new terrains like hiking or camping with your dog, it’s time to get one of these tents! Just make sure to check whether your pup is a chewer first.

In case no such issues arise, we bet you’ll love exploring new places together after setting off this week with one of these top 10 tents for dogs! is supported by its readers. When you buy through our links, we may receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Check disclaimer and about us.