5 Best Places in Paraguay

Paraguay is a country in South America with both urban and rural regions. It has a vast array of landforms, including plains, rivers and lakes. Paraguay was named after the Guarani language word for “river,” which is what gave birth to its nickname: “Land of Rivers.” You may be wondering where to go if you were considering visiting Paraguay. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite places in this beautiful country so that you can get started planning your own trip!

The 5 Best Places in Paraguay

Calico is a ghost town in san bernardino county
Calico is a ghost town in san bernardino county

1. Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este is a city located on the border between Paraguay and Brazil. It’s often called the “border capital” because it’s right on the boundary between these two South American countries, but it’s also known for its large population of Chinese immigrants and major shopping destination.

It’s also a popular tourist destination with many hotels, casinos and resorts. As the largest city in Paraguay, Ciudad del Este is an important economic center for the country.

It’s also a major hub for commerce and trade, which is why this city has been nicknamed “the capital of contraband.” It’s home to several large shopping malls, including the Jardin Plaza Shopping Center. This mall has over 200 stores and restaurants.

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2. Asuncion

Asuncion is the capital and largest city in Paraguay, located on the left bank of the Paraguay River. Asunción has a population of 1,319,936 people and it is the center of national government.

The name “Asunción” comes from Guaraní asuna (to sleep). The city was founded in 1537 by Juan de Salazar y Espinoza who arrived during an expedition led by Pedro de Mendoza being then named “Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción”.

The city has been home to several important events over time such as the founding of universities like Universidad Nacional de Asunción and Universidad Católica Nuestra Señora De La Paz; daily newspapers like El Diario, Hoy and Ultimas Noticias; historical museums like Museo del Panteon Nacional Parque Independencia, Museo Historico Municipal Casa Historica Dr Jose Gaspar Rodriguez De Francia y Museo Etnografico Municipal Casa Del Fresno; international organizations such as UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization), OEA(Organización de Estados Americanos)and many others.

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3. San Bernardino

San Bernardino is a city in the Central Department of Paraguay, approximately 100 kilometers from Asunción. It’s home to beaches like Playa Ypacaraí and Playa Gurupi, which are popular destinations for all kinds of visitors.

San Bernardino has a population of about 30,000 people, many of whom live off ranching and agriculture. In fact, it’s one of Paraguay’s largest producers of soybeans and other crops!

The city itself hasn’t had much growth over the years; however, its location near so many beautiful beaches makes it an ideal place to spend your vacation or weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life in Asunción.

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4. Hohenau

Hohenau, in the middle of nowhere, is surrounded by lakes and mountains. It’s a great place for hiking and fishing (the local river is full of trout), bird watching and camping.

The town has some basic accommodation options but if you’re looking for more comfort then head on to Encarnacion in Paraguay.

The town has a few supermarkets and some good restaurants as well. It’s also a great base for exploring the nearby lakes and mountains. You can take day trips to see the famous Iguazu Falls, which are just a couple of hours away by bus or taxi.

5. Nueva Londres

Nueva Londres is a town in Paraguay that was founded by the Jesuit priests in 1756. The word Nueva Londres means “New London”. The town was founded as part of a mission to convert the indigenous Guarani people to Christianity, and it was named after England, the home country of many Jesuits at the time.

The town is located in Caaguazu department of Paraguay, on the northern tip of South America. It’s also located in Misiones region which has many other towns with interesting histories like Asuncion and Encarnacion.

There are amazing travel destinations in Paraguay

Paraguay is an incredible country with a lot of history and culture, natural beauty, and great food. The people are also very friendly. When visiting Paraguay you should go to Asuncion which is the capital city where you can see many beautiful buildings made out of marble, granite, and sandstone. Other places that you might want to visit include Ciudad del Este which has unique shopping opportunities; Encarnacion which has amazing beaches; Itaipu Dam where you can see how hydroelectric power works; Ciudad del Litoral where there is wildlife like monkeys and parrots; Pilar Lugano Park which has lagoons filled with birds; Nueva Australia Hidroeléctrica where one can learn about water energy production; San Rafael Falls which are located in Iguazu National Park just outside Argentina’s Misiones Province making them accessible without having any need for passport control or customs checks; Rio de la Plata River during sunset hours because there will be many different kinds of boats sailing by including ones with tourists onboard enjoying their cruise experience while sampling local cuisine from vendors selling snacks such as popcorn chicken bites ($2), french fries ($1), corn on cob ($1), hotdogs ($0.50), hamburgers ($0., tacos $1-$2 USD depending upon filling type selected).


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the best places to visit in Paraguay. As you can see, there are so many different things to do in this country that you can never be bored. I would recommend going on a trip at least once a year because it is important to take time out and appreciate what life has given us as human beings on this planet!

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