Best Month to Trek Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit is one of the most popular trekking circuits in Nepal. It is also one of the most challenging treks, so it’s best to plan your trip well before you set out. The best time to go is between March and November when the weather tends to be dry and sunny. However, there are some months that are better than others based on what you want out of a trek. Here’s a list of the best seasons for trekking Annapurna Circuit:

Best Month to Trek Annapurna Circuit

Tourists with backpacks go on the road in the himalayan mountains annapurna circuit trek nepal
Tourists with backpacks go on the road in the himalayan mountains annapurna circuit trek nepal

Spring/March to May

Spring and early summer are the best months to trek the Annapurna Circuit. The weather is much cooler than other times of the year, but not so cold that you need a heavy jacket. There are fewer people on the trail, so there are fewer crowds to contend with when hiking. You will be able to enjoy more solitude and time to yourself as well as a quieter experience overall.

On average, there are no leeches in March or April (but some have been spotted as late as May). If you’re worried about leeches on your trip.

The mountainsides become lush green with grasses and flowers during this period of time; however they will still have snow patches scattered throughout them. The weather is usually cool enough that even if you happen upon some snow on your way up or down a mountain pass it won’t be too difficult for most people ahead of time.

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Autumn/September to November

The best time to trek the Annapurna Circuit is in the autumn. This is when you’ll enjoy beautiful weather, fewer crowds and stunning views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, which towers over Annapurna I and II.

The monsoon season ends in August and lasts until September. The foothills of the Himalayas are covered with golden grasses, which make for striking scenery as you hike along this part of your journey.

As you pass through villages on your way to Ghorepani (2,850m) and Poon Hill (3,210m), you’ll be able to see local villagers harvesting crops such as rice, millet and maize while they wait for their turn at planting potatoes or beans before winter arrives.

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Summer/June to August

This is the best time to trek in Nepal. Since we are talking about the Annapurna Circuit, this trek is a high altitude one and summer is the dry season.

Annapurna Circuit Trekking can be done anytime of year but make sure to avoid monsoon season (June-September). The best months are typically March to May when it’s still warm enough for hiking but not as hot as June through August. During these months, you’ll get fewer clouds during your hikes and have better views of mountains and wildlife like blue sheep or snow leopards!

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Winter/December to February

If you want to experience the Annapurna Circuit in all its glory, December to February is the best time to trek. The winter months are typically dry and sunny, with temperatures between 10°C and 20°C. Snowfall occurs during this period at lower altitudes (3000m), which makes for a scenic backdrop as you trek through villages and hamlets. Since there are fewer people on the trail during winter, it’s easier to find accommodation without having to book ahead of time—and that means more flexibility in your itinerary!

There are three best seasons for trekking Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit is open all year round. The best time to trek Annapurna Circuit is in spring, autumn or winter.

Spring – Trekking in spring is the nicest time to visit the region because there are fewer crowds and beautiful views of rhododendrons flowers blooming everywhere on your way up to Thorong La Pass. It’s also one of the best times for families with children who want to see schools in session along their way across this trail.

Autumn – Autumn season is also a very popular time for trekkers as it offers great opportunities for bird watching during this period. Also, it has less people than other seasons so you can enjoy more peaceful moments here.

Winter – Trekking in winter offers some unique experiences as well as having snowfall along many parts of your journey which makes itself more exciting and challenging than other seasons!


The best time to trek Annapurna Circuit is during spring and autumn. The weather is perfect for trekking with clear blue skies and fresh air which makes it easier for you to enjoy the views at many points along your journey. However, if you want to avoid crowds then summer may not be ideal because there are a lot more tourists who come here during this season. Winter months bring some snowfall but it’s not too cold yet since temperatures stay between 0-20 degrees Celsius; on the other hand, they can get really hot in June through August when daytime highs reach 35 degrees Celsius! is supported by its readers. When you buy through our links, we may receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Check disclaimer and about us.