Alps Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent Review

Alps Mountaineering is a reliable brand for outdoor gear, so we were excited to give the Morada 4 tent a try. We’re happy to report that it surpassed expectations on every count.

If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, the Alps Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent is for you. It’s perfect for camping trips or just relaxing by an outdoor campfire. The interior offers plenty of space, with lots of storage pockets and two large doors that make exiting the tent quick and easy. If this is not enough, take a look below for a complete overview of the Morada 4 Tent review.

Alps Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent Review

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Alps Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent

Price: $148.48
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4.7 ratings out of 5
Alps Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent
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The Morada is known for the best 4 person tent by Alps Mountaineering company. It is made up of durable ripstop nylon fabric with a polyester lining. The tent can withstand heavy winds and high temperatures.

It has an internal volume of 64 square feet and weighs only 9 pounds. The tent comes with 2 doors and 1 vestibule. Each door large enough and allows you to have fresh air when you are inside the tent. On top of that, the vestibule is big enough to store your gear.

This freestanding tent is suitable for all types of weather conditions. You don’t need to worry about getting wet because the tent is fully waterproof. Besides that, the tent is easy to set up and take down.

You will find that the tent is very comfortable and cozy. It provides ample amount of privacy so you won’t feel crowded.

The freestanding tent clips together using strong aluminum poles. These poles are long enough to support the weight of the tent. They are also light enough to carry around.

Furthermore, these poles are adjustable. That way, they can fit any type of terrain. For example, if you decide to hike on uneven ground, you can adjust them accordingly.

If you are planning to use the tent at night, make sure to check out the instructions included in the package. The instruction manual contains useful information like how to put the tent together and how to pitch it.

If you are new to tents, you should know that there are different ways to pitch the tent. The most common method is to fold the tent and attach the stakes. However, you can also choose to use pegs instead of stakes. Both methods work just fine.

More Technical Information

  • Water Resistance Technology: ‎3000 millimeters
  • Total weight: 9 Pounds
  • Seasons: 3
  • Material: Polyester, Mesh, Nylon, Aluminium
  • Installation Type: Freestanding

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Last opinion

In the last, we have found the Morada 4 to be a sturdy, high-quality tent that offers plenty of space and versatility. Though it might not seem like much on the outside, it has been proven to be durable, waterproof and lightweight.

Overall, the Alpine Mountaineering Morada is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable tent for wind & rain. It’s perfect for backpackers and campers. But, you should check out other customers’ thoughts in the review section before you have it if you have any doubt. Good luck and enjoy.

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